ABOUT Star Health Product

    Today we live in a busy, stressful world. We eat on the run, breath in polluted air, all these deplete our bodies of many essential nutrients. We need to stay at an optional level of health. 

    Do we really need supplements? The answer is “People who eat a balance diet do not need supplements”. If we are healthy with plenty of energy, we sleep well, live in unpolluted, natural environment, eat a variety of fresh foods and have good digestions, we probably need little.

    Today we live in an environment with polluted air, drink chlorinated water, and come in contact with various chemicals. All these deplete our bodies of many essential nutrients. 
      According to research, one-thirds of all cancer cases are due to genetic factors, the other two-thirds to environmental factors of which the majority are link to diet. Even if we are healthy there are still many factors which deplete our body of vitamins and minerals it need to function at peak levels. By being aware of those factors, we can better determine our own nutritional needs.

    The nutrients needs vary widely from one individual to another, children, teenagers, men, women and the elderly all need the same nutrients but in different amounts and with special emphasis on certain nutrients. We cannot escape the everyday stress of life but we can minimize many stressors which rob us of our vitamins and minerals-notably smoking, drinking or too much caffeine.
    We can all benefit from a daily intake of nutritional supplements that will bring us back to our healthiest, most beautiful peak again.


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